PA103 No bolted blades flaw – not bomb

Lockerbie – Definite No Bomb – evidence shows PA 103 imploded at 30,000 ft due to a fatal flaw present in all jet engines – ‘loud rattling blades, no bolts, disintegrate 747 fuselage after 10,000 flights’ PA 103 had done 16,000 flights.  Detailed info on

Helped Pan Am & Boeing evade paying compensation to relatives of victims, & War Crimes by UK/USA leader’s support of IS attacks on Gaddafi / Libya!  

A Gross Perversion of Justice by Boeing, CIA, FBI, 3 Scottish Judges, Scottish Police & Scottish 1st Minister. Attacking Libya / killing Gaddafi was an unforgivable war crime by the then UK PM, Foreign Secretary & US President.

a) At end of Libya war, the US Ambassador plus 3 staff were shot by IS?
b) IS now controls Libya; UK & other Ambassadors won’t reside in Libya.

Refusal of present Foreign Affairs Committee to examine “Lockerbie – no bomb evidence” makes report on Libya Intervention & Collapse, suspect,  a white wash & travesty of war crimes in Libya. Gaddafi denied responsibility for Lockerbie bomb, offered to compensate victims if  oil sanctions on Libya worth £6billion/yr are lifted.

Lockerbie the True Facts:-
Evidence of what crash was due to:-
a) Crash debris area under 9 sq miles means bomb & robust fuselage.
b) Crash debris area over 100 sq miles means
no bomb, loud rattling blades, fatigue weakened 747 fuselage caused implosion at 30,000ft.
Lockerbie crash debris was over 500 sq miles – well over 100 sq miles.

The AAIB & CAA failed to tell the world the truth :-

Lockerbie – No Bomb Facts
1)  No Forensic Bomb Evidence exhibited in court nor exists!
2)  No forensic evidence of bomb residues, only burnt fuel soot on debris.
3)  Faulty “C” Latch Failure Front Cargo Door Blow-out added to Implosion.
4)  PA103 implosion @ 30,000 ft disintegrated fuselage over 500 sq miles.
5)  PA103 had done 16,000 flights, 6,000 past 10,000 fatigue limit for a 747.


Michael Aircraft Design Engineer Inventor, Independent Crash Investigator can be contacted on +44 (0) 20 8998 3540 or +44 (0) 20 8998 6372 any day. 

Michael is the only Independent Air Crash Investigator, with Jet engine / plane Design/Stress Engineering Know-how/Track Record and contactable.
All other investigators don’t provide contacts are pilots not engineers.
For details of Michael click ‘Michael Full Profile’

Lockerbie AAIB Report contains no Bomb Evidence!
The AAIB report was massaged to suggest a bomb!

Libya’s problem:
Tax introduced by Gaddafi’s son, LSE Grad made Gaddafi unpopular

Gaddafi, in order to get the oil sanctions lifted, agreed to pay compensation to the Lockerbie crash victims, and sent two innocent Libyans for trial knowing they were innocent and would be acquitted. One, Al Kalifa was acquitted, the other, Al Megrahi jailed for 16 years, died of cancer.
Libya can not admit responsibility for bomb as there was no bomb!
Libyans and world at large are unaware that there was no evidence of a bomb.

Mistaken Lockerbie Bomb did not justify UK and US attacks on Libya?
Libya has never attacked the UK or USA.

The Institute of Inventors
on 26 April 2011  emailed

Mr. Keith Conradi – Chief Inspector of Air Accidents – AAIB requesting
“No Bomb” confirmation (under freedom of information act) of the statements listed

below made by AAIB original team members on the PA103 Lockebie Aircrash case that :-

1.     The Scottish police disallowed the AAIB from carrying out their own definitive
bomb explosive  residue chemical forensic tests on parts of PA103
Lockerbie aircrash wreckage.

2.      The AAIB report has no own definitive bomb explosive residue evidence of
the PA103 aircrash.

3.      The report failed to mention that the Scottish Police stopped
AAIB’s own forensic tests.

4.      If a bomb is suspected, AAIB always do their own independent
bomb forensic tests on wreckage.

5.      The report failed to mention any definitive bomb chemical
in all forensic analysis by others.

6.      The report failed to mention that explosive decompression by
an out opening front cargo door blow-out would produce
similar symptons to a bomb explosion as narrated in report.

7.      The report failed to mention the Status of Latches of out opening front cargo door.

8.      The report failed to mention that 21 months before Lockerbie – 10 Mar 87,
PanAm125 a Boeing 747-121 (similar to PA103), had pressurisation problems
          when climbing to 20,000 feet due to a Front Cargo Door design fault,
aluminium C latch sectors bent & cargo door opened by 1.5 inches.
See information details on

9.      The report failed to mention that 2 months after Lockerbie on Feb 24, 1989,
a UA811 had an Explosive Decompression in flight which blew out
the Front Cargo Door, cabin floor/seats above, & 9 passengers who were killed.
Like PA103 the plane was climbing when a grinding noise and
loud explosion was heard – survivors thought “not another Lockerbie bomb!”.
See full details on Flight 811

10.  Fatigue disintegration failure, the report failed to mention vulnerability to
fatigue disintegration after 10,000 flight cycles for 747-121 vintage and
that 16,497 flight cycles by PA103 was excessive.

11.  The report failed to mention that there had been 141 FAA Airworthiness Directives
pertinent to the front cargo door latch & support fittings design failings
well before Lockerbie. FAA issued AD-88-12-04 to make provisions of
SB’s 52A2206 & 52A2209 mandatory.

Author is a top British aircraft design stress engineer inventor and an original
team designer on the world’s fastest Lynx attack helicopter, which saw successful
active service in Falklands & Gulf wars –
Every R N destroyer deploys one Lynx helicopter, RN frigates carry two –
HMS Cumberland now off Libya.   Visit .
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13 May 2011, precis of AAIB reply to IoI’s email – click for full details
Readers may judge for themselves the integrity of AAIB?

AAIB failed to confirm nor deny any question on “no bomb evidence“!

Mr. Michael V. Rodrigues – President
The Institute of Inventors – Airliner Safety Innovation Division

Dear Mr Rodrigues

Our Ref  F0007614

You have asked for confirmation of a number of statements relating to the AAIB report
on the accident to Boeing 747-121, N739PA at Lockerbie on 21Dec 88.

Under section 21 of the Act, we are not required to provide information
which is already accessible to you.
The information you seek in statements 2-3 and 5-11 are held in the official report.
Full details are on search using key words Boeing 747-121, N739PA.

You have asked whether Scottish Police “disallowed” the AAIB from
carrying out its own bomb explosive residue, chemical forensic tests.

The answer is the Scottish Police would not have had the legal powers to “disallow”
the AAIB from carrying out any part of its investigation.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me.*

Ian Bass *
Air Accident Investigation Branch Farnborough House
Berkshire Copse Road, Aldershot  Hampshire GU11 2HH
Tel:01252 510300

* IoI Footnote – Ian Bass left for vacation just after IoI received his reply.
IoI has been told not to contact Mr Bass or any AAIB official by phone.  

Contact – Independent Lockerbie Aircrash Investigator / AirCraft Design Engineer Michael on #44 (0) 20 8998 3540 / 6372 any time.